Postdoctoral Fellow a (2006-2007)

At University of Parma, Italy

Research subject:

The study of fluvial and turbiditic sediments in tectonically active sedimentary basins (the foreland basins of Northern Apennines, Tertiary Piedmont Basin and South-Central Pyrenees).

Research activities

Field work based on sedimentary facies analysis; structural analysis; stratigraphic analysis, including description and correlation of stratigraphic logs; basin analysis and regional geology.

Postdoctoral Fellow b (2006-2007)

At University of Parma, Italy

Research subject

The role of overpressured fluids in development of chaotic bodies (block-in-matrix fabric) in tectonically controlled sedimentary basins: the example of the Bobbio tectonic window (Northern Apennines, Italy).

Research activities

Geological field mapping; structural regional- and meso- scale analysis; basin analysis; sedimentary facies analysis; stratigraphic analysis of Bobbio area units and chaotic bodies in particular.


The oral presentation at the Geoitalia 2007 conference in Rimini (Italy), publication (abstract) in Geoitalia 2007 conference proceedings, geological map of the Bobbio area (1:10.000 scale), and paper in progress for an international journal.