Doctoral Thesis Research (2002-2005)

At Department of Earth Sciences – Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Natural Sciences – University of Pisa, Italy

Research subject

Tectonic History of the Vardar Zone: Constraints from the Kopaonik Area (Serbia).

Research activities

- Structural analyses (structural measurements, structural mapping, study of deformations at micro and meso scale) of the Kopaonik area tectonic units; – Radiometric dating (Rb/Sr) of the Kopaonik intrusive complex; – Geochemical (ICP-MC and XRF) analyses of metamorphic rocks of the Kopaonik metamorphic basement, ophiolites and intrusive complex; – Petrographic study (microprobe, optical and electron microscope) of the Kopaonik metamorphic basement, turbidite successions and intrusive rocks; – Stratigraphic, sedimentary facies analysis of sub- and supra- ophiolite turbidite successions; – Regional geological and detailed structural mapping; – Geodynamics interpretations of the Vardar zone and Dinaride orogenic system.


PhD Thesis (defended 2005); five papers in international journals; two papers in national journals; the geological map of the Kopaonik area (scale 1:50.000); oral presentation at the Faculty of Mining and Geology in Belgrade; oral presentation (lecture) at the Department of Environmental Sciences, Institute of Geology and Paleontology in Basel, Switzerland; several poster presentations; three papers in progress (or under-review); organization and support of three filed trips in the area organized in conjunction with (inter) national meetings.