Field trips

- Attended numerous field trips taught by various professors and research groups (e.g. prof. Manatschal G., G.L.O.M (Working Group on Mediterranean Ophiolites), prof. Schmid S. and “Basel” Research Group, prof. Marroni M., prof. Pandolfi L., prof. Trivic B. etc.) in the circum-Mediterranean area – Alpine-Dinaric-Hellenic orogenic belt (Swiss Alps, Italian Alps, Italian Apennines, Corsica, Croatian-Bosnian-Serbian Dinarides and the Vardar zone)

- Attended several field trips taught by prof. Emiliano Mutti in the Tertiary Piedmont Basin (Northern Apennines, Italy) related to study of relationship between tectonics and stratigraphy in tectonically active basins, basin evolution and regional geology.