I am a structural geologist. I obtained a PhD at the University of Pisa, Italy, in 2005.

My passion is to explore problems related to structures and processes of ductile and brittle lithospheric deformation, with particular emphasis on understanding tectonic evolution of orogenic belts. The majority of my research to date was focused on circum-Mediterannean area and the Dinaric-Hellenic belt and the Vardar Zone (southeastern Europe) in particular, but I am highly interested in expanding my research to other orogenic belts around the world, and to other interesting geologic questions.

My research interests cover specific topics such as deformation history of polyphase deformed continental domains and ophiolite units (and related rocks), with emphasis on understanding of tectono-metamorphic evolution of orogenic belts; Extensional tectonics, and the role of plutonism; Structure and development of shallow shear zones and chaotic units (including the role of overpressured fluids); Fault analysis in combination with the study of relationship between ductile deformation phases and fracture systems, and processing and interpretation of fault kinematic data (as well as determination of paleosterss tensor); Linkage between the tectonics and sedimentation in tectonically-controlled basins.

Routinely, in my research I combine field work (structural-geological mapping, and detailed structural analyses of both ductile and brittle deformations, including kinematic fault analysis) with micro-scale observations (optical microscope, SEM and microprobe), and I apply multi-disciplinary approach, using different methodologies and techniques (geochemistry, sedimentary tectonics, petrography, remote sensing…). My passion is to combine a variety of datasets and observations, including an essential ‘multi-scale’ approach, to better understanding of geologic structures and processes. Finally, very important part of my research philosophy is collaboration with other geoscientists around the world interested in particular geologic question.

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